Is Your Car’s A/C Failing?

Signs You Need Professional AC Repair

Summer in Palm Springs, Florida, is a special kind of hot. The temperature is intense, and the humidity is relentless. There is never a good time for your air conditioner to go out, but the heat of summer may be the worst time. Here are four signs you may need AC repair. When you need to get the process started, contact A-1 Quality Car Care!

  1. The Air Blows Warmer Than Usual or Hot

  2. Probably the most obvious sign of AC failure is when the unit stops working altogether. When this happens, the vents usually blow out hot air, which is unmistakable in the summer heat. You won’t be able to cool down at all in your car! You might also notice that the air coming out is cool but not as cold as normal. This is also a sign that you’re on your way to no AC, so be sure to call in the professionals!

  3. The Air Conditioner Begins Making Noises

  4. If you hear any noise other than the blower, such as clanging or rattling, that is not normal. Several things can cause this. If you are unsure what is causing it, bring it to us so we can take a look!

  5. You Smell a Strange Odor

  6. No one likes strange odors in their vehicle. If your car smells musty, it could be a sign of an issue with your air conditioner. If you smell a mildew-type smell, do not see any water in your car from a leak, and notice the smell when the AC unit is running, you may require AC repair.

  7. You See an Oil or Refrigerant Leak

  8. Refrigerant and oil leaks can go hand-in-hand with AC issues. They are often accompanied by the first issue where the vents blow warm air. You may or may not witness a leak along with warm air blowing, but seeing leaks is a clear indication of a problem.

The technicians at A-1 Quality Car Care in Palm Springs, Florida, are trained in AC repair and other services. Some repair issues are best left to the professionals. If you need service, please schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!

Written by A-1 Quality Car Care

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